Calibrated stones for aerospace industry at PARDAIS®

calibrated stones for aerospace industry

Calibrated stone plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry due to its significance in ensuring precise measurements and system integrity, which are essential for maintaining quality, safety, and performance in aerospace manufacturing processes.

Calibration of measuring tools and equipment, including stone, is vital to guarantee accuracy, reliability, and consistency in the production of aircraft components. In aerospace, where even minor deviations can have significant consequences, calibrated stone helps minimize risks, costly failures, and potential safety issues.

PARDAIS® transforms granite stone into highly calibrated stones for aerospace machinery.

Regular calibration of stone and other measuring tools contributes to compliance with industry standards, traceability, audit preparation, and consistent production processes. Additionally, calibration helps reduce downtime, costs, and ensures that measurements are accurate and reliable, ultimately supporting the high standards required in the aerospace industry[1][2][3].