Construction is at the origin of PARDAIS®.

It focuses its workforce on public works in the national territory, especially in the construction of streets, squares, roads and the like.

Construction in private works is intended for projects where granite is normally a major component.


  • Construction and repair of buildings,
  • public works,
  • road construction,
  • railways,
  • airports
  • sports facilities,
  • hydraulic engineering,
  • river works,
  • port works,
  • coastal protection works,
  • dams and dikes,
  • building emissaries,
  • specialized construction works,
  • special installations,
  • finishing activities,
  • earthworks
  • installation of sports equipment,
  • construction and civil engineering,
  • roofing construction
  • rental of construction equipment,
  • electrical installations,
  • plumbing installation,
  • air conditioning installation,
  • other construction facilities,
  • restoration of historic-artistic real estate.

Public work: urban park of São Paio, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Private work: Yeatman Hotel, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal