Discover PARDAIS: 18 Granite Pieces at Marmomac 2023

PARDAIS, renowned for its mastery of stone art, is gearing up to captivate visitors at Marmomac 2023. This event serves as a platform to showcase their expertise in granite transformation.

Showcasing 18 Granite

Prepare to be enthralled by the diverse range of granite pieces that PARDAIS will unveil. From Portuguese natural stones to the exotic granite stones of Scandinavian countries.

The Process Behind Creating Each Granite Masterpiece

Discover the artistry behind the scenes. Expert craftsmen at PARDAIS meticulously handpick each stone, leveraging traditional techniques combined with modern tools to shape raw granite into intricate forms. Ask us about The Moses Temple.

Sustainable Practices and Innovation in Stone Art

PARDAIS takes pride in their sustainable approach. They incorporate eco-friendly practices, using dust filter machines and minimizing waste. Witness innovation as they transform stone into timeless art.

Connecting with PARDAIS at Marmomac: Hall 11 / Booth D5

Marmomac 2023 will be the perfect occasion to engage with PARDAIS. Attendees can explore their booth, interact with our team, and gain insights into the inspiration that drives their granite creations.

Conclusion: Experience the Beauty of Natural Stone Art

In a world driven by technology, PARDAIS’ granite sculptures offer a unique connection to nature’s marvels. Immerse yourself in the world of stone artistry and witness creativity.

Hall 11 / BOOTH D5