Granite quarry

From our granite quarry in Alpendurada we extract a highly resistant gray granite with low water absorption. Among the granite quarries in Portugal, the region of Alpendurada and Penafiel has some of the best granites in the North of the country.

The granite from the Alpendurada quarry is gray but there are areas where the granite is bluer. In Penafiel the granite is also grey. The quarries from which the most sought after granites are extracted are:

  • Alpendorada quarries
  • Ariz quarries
  • Mondim quarries
  • Penafiel quarries
  • Castro Daire quarries
  • Montemuro quarries

The yellow granite quarries are also very popular in the Alpendorada and Penafiel areas due to their resistance. However, the most sought-after yellow granites are those from the quarries in Mondim and quarries in Vila Real. These yellow granites have stronger, warmer colors and are widely used for housing construction.

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