Pardais Academy 2nd Edition: A deeper understanding of the world of granite.

Morning at Moimenta Quarry: A journey through the history of rocks

In this second edition of the Pardais Academy, which began in the beautiful region of Moimenta da Beira, the participants were treated to a fascinating immersion in the world of granite. Geologist Narciso Ferreira guided them through the centuries, revealing the secrets of the rock formation that makes up the essence of the region. Under the blue morning sky, gathered at the PARDAIS quarry in Moimenta da Beira, Narciso shared his passion for geology and his decades of experience studying the local soil.

Exploring Granite Outcrops: A Lesson with Narciso Ferreira

Narciso masterfully took the participants on a journey through time and presented the maps he drew almost four decades ago. In those meticulous drawings, he foresaw the presence of the uniform and resistant granite that was now stretching out before them. The geologist’s enthusiasm was palpable as he explained the composition of the rock, emphasising the main elements: feldspar, biotite and quartz. Observing the walls torn apart by the quarry’s activity, Narciso saw his theory confirmed, proving the direction of the granite’s expansion as predicted on his maps.

Afternoon in the New Auditorium: Celebrating Knowledge and Partnerships

In the comfort of the new Pardais Academy auditorium, the participants were welcomed by Martinho Monteiro, manager of PARDAIS®, who invited them to make the most of the experience on offer. Pedro Ferraz, export manager, expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the invited institutions, kicking off an afternoon of learning and collaboration. Special recognition was given to the speakers and partners present, emphasising the importance of their contribution to the success of the event.

Lessons and Case Studies: exploiting the potential of granite

With the regulatory knowledge provided by Cristina Carvalho, an engineer at LNEG, the participants delved into the legal aspects related to the raw material, which are essential for international trade. The Moses Lake Temple case study was then presented, highlighting the challenges and solutions encountered during the creation process.

Day two: practical application of granite

The second day of the Pardais Academy was dedicated to the practical application of granite in architecture and design. António Leitão Barbosa, professor and architect, shared the story of the restoration of Casa da Prelada, emphasising the fundamental role of granite in the structure and decoration of the building. Afterwards, Luís Ferreira Rodrigues, architect and also an ESAP professor, challenged the participants to reflect on the relationship between space, matter and concept in architecture, exploring secular and contemporary examples.

Case studies: from Norway to Portugal

Franziska Meisel, a landscape architect from SLA, shared her interventions in Oslo, where granite stands out in the urban landscape. From southern Europe, Portuguese firm Cosvi Arquitectura presented the redevelopment of Bitetos Quay, highlighting the challenges faced and the solutions found.

Conclusion: Celebrating knowledge and collaboration

At the close of the Pardais Academy, Martinho Monteiro thanked all the participants, speakers and collaborators, emphasising the value of the knowledge shared and the partnerships established. As a gesture of appreciation, each participant received a granite box from PARDAIS®, symbolising the bond created during those two days of learning and exchanging experiences.

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