Argenteuil, France

argenteuil pavement pardais6

Project Description

Location:  Argenteuil, França
Area:  4.500 m2
Year:  2014
Material:  Alpendorada blue granite

Argenteuil is a commune in the Val-d’Oise department in the Ile-de-France administrative region.

Products & Challenges

Slabs, cubes and curb for the central area of the city.

Harderwijk, Netherlands


Project Description

Location:  Harderwijk, Netherlands
Area:   ~8500 m2
Year:   2017
Material:  Yellow granite

The new Harderwijk station is a project of GROUP A. It is an integral project, which encompasses the entire area of the station where the new lobby functions as a “spider in the web”.

Products & Challenges

The big challenge was the staircase, due to its dimension and the double steps, that is, a single block made a double-height step and a regular step. Despite the client’s design, the staircase was redesigned by our team, in three dimensions, to improve the dimensions. The benches that surround the trees, in Alpendorada blue granite.

Toison D’Or, Brussels

toison 3

Project Description

Location:  Brussels, Belgium
Area:  ~3500 m2
Year:  2015
Material:  Mondim, yellow granite

Text description provided by the architects. Designed for ProWinko and in collaboration with Belgian architects Jaspers-Eyers, Le Toison d’Or is a hybridization of a traditional building-block typology and a mixed-use development with a retail podium.

In order to avoid the monolithic qualities common to block structures, the façade of Le Toison d’Or is broken up by means of variations in texture, depth, and the repeating rhythm of a series of curved vertical frames. These frames serve to enclose the balconies of the apartments on the upper floors, whilst also facilitating the large display windows of the retail units.

Le Toison d’Or has been developed with high standards of sustainability. The main features are the excellent thermic isolation of the facade. — which were made in granite here at PARDAIS®


Products & Challenges

The biggest challenge was to produce the conical and convex parts of the ventilated facade, with millimetre precision to fit in the gigantic corrugated glass of the Apple store, for example.

Umkirch, Germany

umkirch granite pavement

Descrição do Projecto

Location:  Umkirch, Alemanha
Area:  3.800 m2
Year:  2014
Material:  Monforte, pink granite

Products & Challenges

Large amounts of Monforte pink granite.

Intercontinental O2 Arena, London

intercontinental O2 arena

Project Description

Location:   London, UK
Area:  12,000 m2
Year:  2015
Material:  Mondim yellow granite

Products & Challenges

The O2 Arena Intercontinental building required a large number of pieces with a short delivery time due to the time of year.

Linz, Austria

linz austria pardais3

Project Description

Location:   Linz, Austria
Area:  2.500 m2
Year:  2015
Material:  Ariz and Roriz granite

Products & Challenges

Pavement and urban furniture.

Adare Manor, Ireland

adare manor3

Project Description

Localization:  Adare, Irlanda
Area:  1.500 m2
Year:  2017
Material:  Irish granite

Products & Challenges

The challenge of this project was to faithfully reproduce each ornamented piece of this neo-Gothic palace. The analysis of the details of each piece required several hours of pre-production.

Scheffau, Austria

Scheffau Tirol Austria2

Project Description

Location:  Scheffau, Austria
Area:  2.000 m2
Year:  2019
Material:  Roriz and Ariz granite

Products & Challenges

Kerbs, slabs and cubes.

Kaunas Plaza, Lithuania

Project Description

Location:  Kaunas, Lituânia
Area: 12.500 m2
Year: 2019
Material:  Ariz and Zimbabwe granite

What used to be a little-used space adjacent to historic buildings is now becoming a new and inviting public amenity, where you can casually have coffee over lunch or work outdoors while children play in the water, young people skate and students relax in the sun. (Description of the text provided by the architects.)

The “Union Square”, full of history, with impressive buildings from different eras, was redesigned to reflect the innovative spirit of a country considered a pioneer of digitalization.

Source: Archdaily

Products & Challenges

Large amounts of Ariz granite and Zimbabwe granite. Stairs steps with a high degree of complexity.

Paradise, Birmingham

paradise circus birmingham

Descrição do Projecto

Location:   Birmingham, UK
Area: 3.500 m2
Year:   2018
Material:  Alpendorada, Yellow Granite

Paradise, formerly called Paradise Circus, is the name given to an area of approximately 7 hectares in Birmingham city centre, between Chamberlain and Centenary Squares. (Wikipedia)

Products & Challenges

Anti-skate finishes. Parts with a complex design.