Project Description

Location:   Washington
Area: ~1800m2
Year:   2023
Material:   Granito PARDAIS® Alpendorada

Majestic Beauty: The Moses Lake Washington Temple Crafted by PARDAIS

The Moses Lake Washington Temple stands as a revered edifice belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gracefully nestled in the picturesque state of Washington, within the United States of America.

Encompassing an impressive expanse of 6.9 hectares and boasting a construction measuring approximately 1800m², this temple is entirely sheathed in granite meticulously sourced and processed by the esteemed artisans at PARDAIS®.

The exquisite cladding of the temple exhibits a remarkable array of intricately designed adornments, ranging from elegant friezes to exquisite floral sculptures sculpted from granite. 

To ensure utmost precision in the architectural details and techniques employed for securing these magnificent pieces, a true-to-life mock-up of the Moses Lake Washington Temple facade was meticulously created within the confines of PARDAIS® facilities. This meticulous endeavour afforded us the opportunity to ascertain that every facet was flawlessly conceived and crafted.

The accompanying video below showcases the awe-inspiring architecture of the Moses Lake Washington Temple and encapsulates PARDAIS® unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled excellence to its esteemed clientele.

Project Challenges

The accomplished production team at PARDAIS® embraced the formidable challenge of devising ingenious technical solutions for installing and supporting the Portuguese granite components, collaborating closely with the architects and builders on the site.

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