toison 3

Project Description

Location:  Brussels, Belgium
Area:  ~3500 m2
Year:  2015
Material:  Mondim, yellow granite

Text description provided by the architects. Designed for ProWinko and in collaboration with Belgian architects Jaspers-Eyers, Le Toison d’Or is a hybridization of a traditional building-block typology and a mixed-use development with a retail podium.

In order to avoid the monolithic qualities common to block structures, the façade of Le Toison d’Or is broken up by means of variations in texture, depth, and the repeating rhythm of a series of curved vertical frames. These frames serve to enclose the balconies of the apartments on the upper floors, whilst also facilitating the large display windows of the retail units.

Le Toison d’Or has been developed with high standards of sustainability. The main features are the excellent thermic isolation of the facade. — which were made in granite here at PARDAIS®


Products & Challenges

The biggest challenge was to produce the conical and convex parts of the ventilated facade, with millimetre precision to fit in the gigantic corrugated glass of the Apple store, for example.