Project Description

Location:   Vila Nova de Gaia
Area: 450,000 m2
Year:   2018
Architect:   Sidónio Pardal

The Parque Urbano de São Paio, in Gaia was built between the former Seca do Bacalhau, in Canidelo, and the Local Nature Reserve of the Douro Estuary, in Cabedelo.

«Located in a privileged space, adjacent to the Local Nature Reserve of the Douro Estuary, it will be the extension of a green area that welcomes more than 200 species of birds. Free of charge and not conditioned, it is, at this moment, the largest urban park designed for the Porto Metropolitan Area.

A new place to breathe, to enjoy the scenery, to rest your body and mind. Sidónio Pardal recognizes that it is difficult to create these “spaces of freedom” but ensures that the real value of the park depends on that “full and free” experience of enjoying the “pleasure of being in the World”. » – Público newspaper, June 11, 2019

Project Challenges

As it is located in a classified area, in the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Areas and Parks of Vila Nova de Gaia, greater care was taken in land management.

Conducting the project conducted on the ground by the author of the work to ensure the best combination of natural and transformed elements, increases the planning challenge.